About The Band

The band is named “hed” as an acronym meaning higher education. Hed PE became popular at local events due to their high energy levels. due to various legal issues, the band was required to change the name of the band to Hed PE with the acronym representing “Planet Earth.”

Band Influences

Hed PE has been influenced by various bands including:

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Hed PE was formed the ex-member of The Clue Jared Gomes and guitarist Wes Geer. The two band members became friends while they were involved in the hardcore punk scene in Orange County. They helped form the band by recruiting other members including Chizad (guitarist), Mawk (bassist), BC Vaught (drummer) and DJ Product 1969.

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Rap Rock

Are you a fan of Hed PE? If so then you might be wondering about the genre of rap-rock. It’s the band’s genre and the group creates music that combined punk rock and gangster rap.

Hip-hop started to grow in popularity during the 1980s. At that time in many ways, it was the opposite of rock music. Rock had started out as a counter-culture genre in the 1960s. However, within a few decades, it had become much more commercial. This compared with the first rappers from NYC who made rhymes over records.

It’s true that the roots of rock can be traced to various African-American musicians like Chuck Berry. However, the most successful bands included white members. Meanwhile, white hip-hop became more popular during the decade of the 80s the biggest musicians/bands were black artists. This provided a genre whose differences were both stylistic and racial.

As with other new musician subgenres rap experienced many people who either liked or disliked the music. For example, there were some industry experts who said it was a fad and wouldn’t become part of the mainstream music industry. However, such biases started to disappear as hip-hop and rap became more popular commercially.

One sign of this change happened in 1986. That’s when run-DMC teamed up with the rock band Aerosmith to remake the latter’s single “Walk This Way.” The video showed the two groups in different studios performing their own music genres.

However, when run DMC starts rapping the lyrics of the song the lead singer of Aerosmith breaks through the wall and starts singing the chorus. This was symbolic of the two genres combining. This event introduced white audiences to Run DMC and also helped to make Aerosmith popular again. This was also the beginning of the subgenre rap-rock.

During the same year Run DMC’s version of “Walk This Way” was released the Beastie Boys released their album “Licensed to Ill.” The NYC-based group earned multi-platinum record sales.

Then the rap group Public Enemy sampled the metal group Slayer on one track of its 1988 record “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.” PE then teamed up with Anthrax a few years later in 1991 to remake the Public Enemy single “Bring the Noise.”

There were a few new metal/rap hybrids that became popular in the 190s. They included Faith No More’s lyricist who mixed singing and rapping. Then there was rapper Ice-T who formed a hard-rock band named Body Count. The band’s 1992 controversial song resulted in protests across the US.

There were other rock bands in the early 1990s that started adding hip-hop features in their music. That included the band Rage Against the Machine that was inspired by political rap groups like PE and added guitar solos. The Beastie Boys also decided to return to live instruments. It combined skateboard culture with genres like rap, rock, thrash, and funk.

The golden age of rap-rock was the late 1990s. That included the release of “Significant Other” by Limp Bizkit in the summer of 1999. The Florida-based group combined elements of the Beastie Boys and

Hed PE Influences

Are you a fan of the band Hed PE? If so then you might be interested in the musicians/bands that influenced them. There are several including the following:

Beastie Boys
The US hip-hop group is from NY and formed during 1981. The group has consisted of the same members for most of its career. The band was originally a hardcore punk band formed in 1978. The band became successful when it switched to hip-hop and released their first album “Licensed to Ill.” The group has sold 50 million albums worldwide and 2 6million in the US. It’s been the best-selling rap group since billboard started collecting sales data for albums in 1991. In 2012 the Beastie Boys became the third rap group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Black Sabbath
The English rock band was formed in 1968 and the original banded members included Ozzy Osbourne. The group is often credited as pioneers of the genre of heavy metal. The group’s albums in the early 1970s helped to define the new genre. The band has also experienced many line-up changes throughout its history. It’s named after the movie “Black Sabbath.”

The band’s first show took place in August 1969. The band released its first single and album “Black Sabbath” in February 1970. The album received negative reviews but succeed commercially. Within time the band started receiving more positive reviews.

Bob Marley
Marley was a Jamaican singer, musician, and songwriter who became a global icon. He combined music styles including reggae, rocksteady, and ska. Marley started in 1963 with the music group The Wailers. He created a vocal/songwriting style that helped Marley become famous worldwide. Later the Wailers released some of the world’s first reggae records.

Marley started a solo career when the Wailers ended in 1974. He moved to England, which resulted in the 1977 album “Exodus.” This would launch a career that made Marley one of the all-time best-selling artists. He’s sold over 75 million records. In fact, “Exodus” remained on the British album charts for over one year. The album included singles including “Exodus,” “Jamming,” “Waiting in Vain,” and “One Love.” He then released the album titled “Kaya” in 1978. Marley’s compilation album “Legend” was released in 1984 and went on to become the all-time best-selling reggae LP.

This band is from New York City. The band’s sound has been described as folk, indie, roots, and Americana. The songs also bridge various types of music including 1800s parlor music, gospel, Appalachian folk, European art song, classical, and jazz. The band started in 1999 and has released six albums.
Led Zeppelin
The English rock band formed in 1968 in London. The band is credited as one of the bands that contributed to the formation of the heavy metal genre. However, the band’s style included various influences like blues, folk, and others.

Le Zeppelin wasn’t very popular with critics at first. However, it achieved big record sales with albums released from 1969 to 1979. The song “Stairway to Heaven” is one of the most popular rock music songs ever and helped the band to become popular.

Hed PE’s Albums

Are you a fan of Hed PE? If so then you might want to learn more about its albums. The band has released a dozen of them and in case you aren’t familiar with them here’s the list:

Studio Albums

#1 (hed) PE
This album was released in August 1997 by Jive Records. It was the debut album by the band and has sold more than 100,000 units. Several of the album’s tracks were recorded from the debut EP of the band titled “Church of Realities.”

#2 Broke
This was the second studio album and released in May 2000. It included new genres including classic rock and world music. “Broke” Also includes the band’s most famous single titled “Bartender” that reached #23 on the Mainstream rock Tracks chart of the billboard. The album sold over 250,000 copies and is included on two compilation albums.

#3 Blackout
This album was released in March 2003 and reached No. 33 on the billboard 200 charts. It sold 28,000 copies during its first week and a total of 100,000 units. The album included two singles that made the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart and Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

#4 Only in Amerika
This album of Hed PE was the fourth one. It was released by Koch Records in October 2004. It was also the band’s first album released on any independent label. The album peaked at #20 on the chart top Independent Albums and also #186 on Billboard 200.

#5 Back 2 Base X
Hed PE released its 5th studio album in June 2006. It was the first album released on the record label Suburban Noize. It reached #12 on the chart Top Independent Albums and #154 on Billboard 200. The album was influenced by punk banks including Sex Pistols and returned to rock music basics.

#6 Insomnia
The band released its 6th studio album in July 2007. Hed PE stated that the album was influenced by thrash metal bands like Slayer. It peaked at #16 on the chart Top Independent Albums as well as #138 on Billboard 200. The track “Suffa” was picked voted as a Top 10 song of MTV’s Headbangers Ball (2007).

#7 New World Orphans
This is the 7th studio album by the band was released in January 2009. It was also the fourth album on the record label Suburban Noize. The album blends genres like punk rock, heavy metal, and hip-hop. It also includes some features of funk, hardcore punk, and reggae. It includes topics like 9/11, extraterrestrial life, the Iraq War.

#8 Truth Rising
This is the band’s 8th studio album and was released in October 2010. It received mix reviews and debuted at #98 on Billboard 200. The album includes genres like heavy metal, hard rock, funk, hip-hop, punk rock, and reggae.

#9 Evolution

Jared Gomes Bio

Are you a fan of the band hed PE? If so then you might want to learn about the various band members. The only remaining member of the original band members is Jared Gomes. How much do you know about him?

Gomes Jared is a Brazilian-American rapper/singer who’s most famous for being Hed Pes lead vocalist. He was born as Paulo Sergio Gomes in February 1964. Both of his parents were of Brazilian descent. Gomes started in the music industry as the frontman for the Clue. The new wave band was active from the years 1984 to 1990.

Gomes then joined the band Urban Sexx Tribe from the years 1991 to 1994. Gomes later met guitarist Wes Geer while the two were in the hardcore punk scene in Orange County, California. They formed a band named “Hed” after recruiting a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and DJ. The band stands for “higher education.”

Hed became popular at local venues due to the energetic performances. The band released its first extended play entitled “Church of Realities,” which was self-financed. The band was facing some legal issues so it changed the name of the band to Hed PE. The acronym PE stood for Planet Earth.

The problem is the band had some problems repaying the money they had been advanced by Jive Records. This put the band in a strange situation. On one hand, they had fulfilled their dream of launching a new band and new album. However, the problem is the money they owed put them in a difficult situation.

A big event happened to Gomes in October 2000. That’s when he was arrested for marijuana possession while the band performed in Connecticut. He was released on a bail of $1,500. Hed PE went on to record 2 more albums on the Jive label then left the company. The band’s goal was to release albums on its own but signed with Suburban Noize Records.

Gomes stated that he wanted to record a solo hip-hop album. He stated that he needed to become more disciplined instead of watching the TV show “South Park” for 8 hours in a row. Gomes then appeared on the sixth studio album of Twiztid titled “Independents Day.” Gomes had talked about appearing on albums by members of Korn and System of a Down but the projects never happened.

Gomes’ vocal style varies greatly and includes singing, rapping, etc. He’s been influenced by various musicians and band including Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols, Rage Against the Machine, The Ramones, Bob Marley, NWA, Beastie Boys, and others. He’s also been influenced by various music genres including punk rock, heavy metal, reggae, and ska.

The last few Hed PE albums have been more political than previous ones. Gomes supports social liberal politicians. He also supports the 9/11 Truth movement that includes conspiracy theorists who dispute that Al-Qaeda terrorists crashed into NYC’s Twin Towers and the Pentagon in Washington, DC after hijacking 4 airliners. The main focus of the theorists is on missing information from the NIST theory. They argue that there’s been a cover-up.

History of Hed PE

Are you a fan of the band Hed PE? If so then you might be wondering how the band got started. This can help to boost your knowledge and appreciation of the band. The band was is from the California city of Huntington Beach. It was founded in 1994 by the band’s frontman Jared Gomes. The “PE” in the band’s name is an acronym for “Planet Earth.”

Jared’s goal in creating the band was to combine the region’s history of punk music with hip-hop. This style of music is known as “g-punk.” The band’s first record music was the self-financed “Church of Realities.” The band’s original members included:

• Wesley “Wesstyle” Geer (lead guitarist)
• Chad “Chizad” Benekos (rhythm guitarist)
• Mark “Mawk” Young (bass guitar)
• Ben “B.C.” Vaught (drummer)
• Doug “DJ Product @ 1969” Boyce (turntables/samples)

The band has experienced many changes to its list of band members over the years and today Jared is the only remaining original member. They released their first album on the record label Jive Records. The band later joined bands like Korn during Ozzfest.

The yearly festival is a tour in the US/Europe that features performances from various metal and hard rock bands. It was founded by the heavy metal musician Ozzy Osbourne as well as his wife Sharon Osbourne. Over the years the event has featured bands from various genres including thrash metal, alternative metal, hardcore punk, industrial metal, and others. The festival has featured Osbourne and Black Sabbath several times during the history of the festival.

Hed PE’s second album titled “Broke” was released in 2000 and its third album titled “Blackout” was released in 2003. The band then left Jive Records and signed with Koch. The band experienced some major changes that included a new guitarist and drummer. The band then released its fourth album in 2005 titled “Only in Amerika.”

The band then released several albums afterward. There were a few albums in 2006 including the new LP “Back 2 Base X” and the compilation album “Best of (hed) Planet Earth.” Then the band released “Flat Bill Hat” during the summer 2007 and “New World Orphans” in 2009. The second album was very political compared to Hed PE’s previous albums.

The band then released a second compilation album in 2010 titled “Major Pain 2 Indee Freedom: The Best of Hed PE.” It included a new single and DVD of the band performing in the city of Los Angeles. During the same year, the band released the album “Truth Rising” that was listed on the Billboard Top 100. The band then released a new compilation album in 2013. During that year DJ Product also left the band. During 2014 more band members left Hed PE. During that same year, the band also launched their next album titled “Evolution.” Then during 2016, the band released the ninth album titled “Forever!’ This was the first one that only included one of the original band members.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Hed PE. However, the band was had many changes over the decades and continues to produce its songs/albums that blend punk and hip-hip.