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Are you a fan of the band Hed PE? If so then you might be wondering how the band got started. This can help to boost your knowledge and appreciation of the band. The band was is from the California city of Huntington Beach. It was founded in 1994 by the band’s frontman Jared Gomes. The “PE” in the band’s name is an acronym for “Planet Earth.”

Jared’s goal in creating the band was to combine the region’s history of punk music with hip-hop. This style of music is known as “g-punk.” The band’s first record music was the self-financed “Church of Realities.” The band’s original members included:

• Wesley “Wesstyle” Geer (lead guitarist)
• Chad “Chizad” Benekos (rhythm guitarist)
• Mark “Mawk” Young (bass guitar)
• Ben “B.C.” Vaught (drummer)
• Doug “DJ Product @ 1969” Boyce (turntables/samples)

The band has experienced many changes to its list of band members over the years and today Jared is the only remaining original member. They released their first album on the record label Jive Records. The band later joined bands like Korn during Ozzfest.

The yearly festival is a tour in the US/Europe that features performances from various metal and hard rock bands. It was founded by the heavy metal musician Ozzy Osbourne as well as his wife Sharon Osbourne. Over the years the event has featured bands from various genres including thrash metal, alternative metal, hardcore punk, industrial metal, and others. The festival has featured Osbourne and Black Sabbath several times during the history of the festival.

Hed PE’s second album titled “Broke” was released in 2000 and its third album titled “Blackout” was released in 2003. The band then left Jive Records and signed with Koch. The band experienced some major changes that included a new guitarist and drummer. The band then released its fourth album in 2005 titled “Only in Amerika.”

The band then released several albums afterward. There were a few albums in 2006 including the new LP “Back 2 Base X” and the compilation album “Best of (hed) Planet Earth.” Then the band released “Flat Bill Hat” during the summer 2007 and “New World Orphans” in 2009. The second album was very political compared to Hed PE’s previous albums.

The band then released a second compilation album in 2010 titled “Major Pain 2 Indee Freedom: The Best of Hed PE.” It included a new single and DVD of the band performing in the city of Los Angeles. During the same year, the band released the album “Truth Rising” that was listed on the Billboard Top 100. The band then released a new compilation album in 2013. During that year DJ Product also left the band. During 2014 more band members left Hed PE. During that same year, the band also launched their next album titled “Evolution.” Then during 2016, the band released the ninth album titled “Forever!’ This was the first one that only included one of the original band members.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Hed PE. However, the band was had many changes over the decades and continues to produce its songs/albums that blend punk and hip-hip.