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Are you a fan of Hed PE? If so then you might be wondering about the genre of rap-rock. It’s the band’s genre and the group creates music that combined punk rock and gangster rap.

Hip-hop started to grow in popularity during the 1980s. At that time in many ways, it was the opposite of rock music. Rock had started out as a counter-culture genre in the 1960s. However, within a few decades, it had become much more commercial. This compared with the first rappers from NYC who made rhymes over records.

It’s true that the roots of rock can be traced to various African-American musicians like Chuck Berry. However, the most successful bands included white members. Meanwhile, white hip-hop became more popular during the decade of the 80s the biggest musicians/bands were black artists. This provided a genre whose differences were both stylistic and racial.

As with other new musician subgenres rap experienced many people who either liked or disliked the music. For example, there were some industry experts who said it was a fad and wouldn’t become part of the mainstream music industry. However, such biases started to disappear as hip-hop and rap became more popular commercially.

One sign of this change happened in 1986. That’s when run-DMC teamed up with the rock band Aerosmith to remake the latter’s single “Walk This Way.” The video showed the two groups in different studios performing their own music genres.

However, when run DMC starts rapping the lyrics of the song the lead singer of Aerosmith breaks through the wall and starts singing the chorus. This was symbolic of the two genres combining. This event introduced white audiences to Run DMC and also helped to make Aerosmith popular again. This was also the beginning of the subgenre rap-rock.

During the same year Run DMC’s version of “Walk This Way” was released the Beastie Boys released their album “Licensed to Ill.” The NYC-based group earned multi-platinum record sales.

Then the rap group Public Enemy sampled the metal group Slayer on one track of its 1988 record “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.” PE then teamed up with Anthrax a few years later in 1991 to remake the Public Enemy single “Bring the Noise.”

There were a few new metal/rap hybrids that became popular in the 190s. They included Faith No More’s lyricist who mixed singing and rapping. Then there was rapper Ice-T who formed a hard-rock band named Body Count. The band’s 1992 controversial song resulted in protests across the US.

There were other rock bands in the early 1990s that started adding hip-hop features in their music. That included the band Rage Against the Machine that was inspired by political rap groups like PE and added guitar solos. The Beastie Boys also decided to return to live instruments. It combined skateboard culture with genres like rap, rock, thrash, and funk.

The golden age of rap-rock was the late 1990s. That included the release of “Significant Other” by Limp Bizkit in the summer of 1999. The Florida-based group combined elements of the Beastie Boys and