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When you talk about e-juice, there are two terms that are common in it and that are PG and VG. This will be confusing for the beginner but by knowing these two ingredients, they can improve their experience of vaping. Here’s an easy guide to everything that you should know about VG and PG. If you want to know about the detailed information about vaping ingredients and flavor then click here to see complete details.

What are VG and PG?

VG and PG are the odorless liquids which in combination with nicotine and flavor form e-juice. Technically, both PG and VG belong to the alcohol class of chemicals. They are considered as sugar alcohols and are involved in many consumable products. After heating, they generate vapor that allows them to be inhaled. PG and VG are not oils so they cannot cause any medical problems such as lipoid pneumonia.

These two fluids have different consistency and their taste is slightly different from one another. You will feel different sensations in your throat and mouth while vaping these fluids. Most of the modern e-liquids are a combination of these fluids, though the ratio can change effectively. The foundation of many vaping beginners starts with a certain level of VG and PG. Be careful to select the right type for your equipment because if you choose the wrong ratio of PG/VG, it can cause you harm.

What exactly PG is and how it is used?

PG is the abbreviation of propylene glycol, a by-product of petroleum. It has no color and odor and is less tough than VG. It is used to provide throat-hit while vaping that some users allocated that is similar to the feeling experienced while smoking tobacco. It carries more effective flavor than VG to make the most generally used suspension fluid for nicotine and flavor concentrates.

Propylene glycol can be commonly found in different household items. Over other uses, it includes nicotine inhalers, medical products that are used orally. It can be used as injections and also as tropical formulas. It can also be used in pet foods excluding food of cat, toothpaste, and other oral cleanliness products and also the beauty products involving shampoo, make-up and baby wipes.

What exactly is VG and how it is used?

VG is the abbreviation of vegetable glycerin. It is a type of natural chemical product which is derivate from vegetable oils so this fluid is safe for vegetarians. It is generally used in electronic liquids to provide high sensations. VG is thicker than PG and has a sweet taste. It offers a smoother throat hit than PG which makes it suitable for sub-ohm vaping. As in PG, nicotine and flavorings are generally suspended, many dealers provide VG as an alternative to access 100% VG mixes.

VG can also be used for food, medical and personal care products such as it are used as a sweetener to replace sugar.  It is used in beauty products like bubble bath, deodorant, aftershave, mousse, and make-up. VG is also used in pet food, hand cream, and soap, baking foods to increase moisture, toothpaste and dental care goods. It also offers a thick gel for some medicinal creams, jellies, and pills.