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The rock/rap band was formed over two decades ago in 1994. It performs a music style known as “G-punk” that’s a mix of punk rock as well as gangsta rap. Hed PE has released several albums including three under its original record label Jive Records. The band has released a total of a dozen albums including studio albums (9), one live album and compilation albums (2).

In recent years the band has focused on lyrics more than music and participated in the 9/11Truth movement. In fact, Hed PE has also received some criticism for lyrics on the last few albums sound more like rants. The problem isn’t really that the music has become more political but that it doesn’t provide a message in an organized way.

The band has also gone through many changes over the years. Only one original member is still with the group and it’s also had several record labels over the years. However, Hed PE has survived those changes and still has a loyal fan base that anticipates its next albums.

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That includes the found member, Jared. He’s the only remaining original member of the band and since he’s the founder it’s interesting to get some insights from him. The band has gone through some major changes over the years so you’ll likely want to learn about its approach to music and its vision for the future of the band.

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