The band later announced that the new album “Evolution” would be released in July 2014. Over the years the band had many changes as various members left the band. After some changes in 2015, the only remaining original member was Jared Gomes.

The DIY Guys

Then during the following year, Hed PE released its first live album titled “The DIY Guys.” In 2009 the band released its 7th studio album titled “New World Orphans.” There were 3 different versions released. They each had a unique set of bonus tracks. The sixth drummer joined the band that year. Hed PE released […]


Hed PE then released the band’s 6tyh studio album titled “Insomnia” in June 2007. The album peaked at #16 on the chart Independent Albums as well as #138 on Billboard 200. The single “Suffa” was one of the top songs requested on Hard Attack on Sirius Satellite Radio. Meanwhile, the music video was picked as […]

Back 2 Base X

Hed PE made another big move in 2006 when it moved to Suburban Noize Records. It then recorded its 6tyh studio album titled “Back 2 Base X.” The goal of the album was to return to rock music’s basics and used less studio equipment than its past albums. The band released the album in June […]